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Regulations and GDPR policy



The HR Kamer platform has been created for participants of recruitment processes on the Dutch labor market. One of the goals is to share tools to shorten the time of the recruitment process, both for job seekers and those looking for employees. The current common methods involve very often unnecessary work and costs which can be easily avoided. All data is strictly protected and secured against hacker attacks and unauthorized access. The website is secured with an SSL certificate and its security features are constantly updated.


  1. For jobseekers in the Netherlands, hereinafter referred to as "Candidates"
    1. Registration: allowing you to apply for a job for Dutch Employers.
    2. Job Offers: browsed with using the list or the map function connected with filters.
    3. Map of Employers - location of Employers in chosen area - the possibility of sending an open application for work
  2. For those looking for a Candidate / Employee, hereinafter referred to as "Employer"
    1. Database of Candidates: browsing the database of people looking for a job in the Netherlands using the function of:
      1. Filters: all relevant information necessary for the selection of a Candidate can be filtered.
      2. Map: selecting candidates according to their location, both in terms of distance from the workplace and distance from transport points.
    2. Job Offers: posting job advertisements that can be promoted further on other social networks.
    3. Application for an Employee. Each Employer can insert his specific demand for an employee, which can be opened and implemented by another Employer, e.g. Recruitment Office (function under construction).
    4. List of Application for an Employee. Applications listed in point 2c create the pool of new orders and thereby new clients for employers, especially those dealing mainly with recruitment and selection (function under construction).
  3. Chat: a place for free debate of all interested parties in the topic of the work (feature under construction).
  4. Advertisement: all kinds of banners are placed on the website with the appropriate consent and agreement with the website administrator.
  5. Implementation of recruitment platform for an individual client order.
  6. Services include the following sectors: construction; simple physical work in: warehouses, greenhouses, production halls; technical such as e.g. welders; office work connected among others with work agencies.
  7. The "apply" function - the Employer agrees to be applied by candidates using a short e-mail message generated on (and sent from) the website www.hrkamer.nl. Jobseekers can apply for selected job offers or send an "open application". We are not responsible for any SPAM messages sent from people using the function for any purpose other than job search.
  8. References - the opinion issued by the Employer (together with its name) is visible to all other registered Employers.
  9. Direct recruitment - apart from the portal, HR Kamer also busy is with direct recruitment. The data of candidates who have been employed through us are kept for our administration as long as we receive financial benefits from the work agency for him. After that period, the employee receives the status of a "Candidate" whose basic data is stored for 1 year for the purpose of further recruitment.


  1. Candidates / Employees - people interested in working in the Netherlands
    1. Natural persons applying for employment under an employment contract
    2. One-person companies looking for new orders / projects (especially construction)
  2. Employer - company offering jobs
    1. Direct Employers - companies employing directly
    2. Employment Agencies - intermediary companies between the Candidate / Employee and the Direct Employer
    3. Recruiters - companies that mainly recruit and select suitable candidates for Employers (2a. and 2b.)


Improving the recruitment process for all Website Users.


  1. Sharing Requirement:
    1. Optional - the user decides to provide the data himself - e.g. photo / logo. Not including voluntary data doesn't affect in any way the chances during the recruitment process
    2. Obligatory data - all data that every Employer needs to know in order to evaluate candidate's application. Any data which, in the case of not setting in the form, would be in any way asked in the further recruitment process.
      1. CVs sent by candidates have to contain an appropriate consent clause for the processing of personal data
  2. Access to the data:
    1. Data of Candidates / Employees - are divided into public data and those that are visible only to registered Users - Employers. Publicly available data does not identify a person in any way - they only give a certain characteristics of candidature. All identifying data are strictly protected and access to them has got only: Website Administrator and Registered Employers
      1. The list of Employers is available at the following link: https://hrkamer.nl/members.php?lang=English
      2. First name and surname, phone number, e-mail address or CV are strictly protected data.
      3. Voluntarily added photo - can be made available according to the candidate's indications.
    2. Data of Employers:
      1. Job offers are visible to all browsing the site for the sake of Candidates' safety.
      2. Applications (orders) for an Employee are only visible to registered Employers.
  3.  Controls:
    1. Data which is always checked - full access to data of job candidates can have only registered Employers, whose data accuracy is always first verified then approved.
    2. Occasionally checked data - data of candidates can be subject only to random checks of their correctness and currentness.
    3. Job offers must comply with the law and it is absolutely forbidden to post job advertisements that lead to discrimination on the basis of sex, age, etc. All information have to be provided in accordance with the truth. Job offers are advertisements for employment under Dutch Employment Law.
  4. Data editing
    1. Each employer has the right to edit and delete their data after logging into the website. The data is deleted automatically after one year from the last login.
    2. Job offers can be edited or deleted at any time by both the Employer and the Website Administrator (in the event of violation of the regulations or other law).
    3. Each Candidate has the right and the possibility to delete their data. After registration, there is a link sent to the Candidate's e-mail address, enabling the account to be deleted or refreshed. Editing is possible by deleting the account and re-filling the registration form. In case of any problems related to this, please contact the Administrator by e-mail: info@hrkamer.nl


  1. The Administrator of personal data of the Portal Users according to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 EU of April 27, 2016 is: Krzysztof Zaremba HR Kamer, Mr L.A. Kesperweg 7d; 3135 BR Vlaardingen.
  2. The administrator processes data only for the purposes included in these Regulations and the Privacy Policy, including primarily for purposes related to the improvement of the recruitment process for employees and employers in the Netherlands.
  3. The User may at any time withdraw consent to the processing of his personal data in the manner described in these Regulations.
  4. Personal data is made available to third parties only in the manner included in these Regulations and the Privacy Policy for the purposes indicated therein.
  5. Registration of job candidates - the data left in the application forms are:
    1. Provided only to the Website Administrator and potential Employers for purposes related to the recruitment process
    2. The candidate has the right to withdraw his candidacy, thereby delete his data at any time using the link received by e-mail - in case of complications, he can also contact Web Administrator
    3. The employer may process data only for recruitment purposes and may not disclose them to any other entities.
    4. The administrator has the right to contact a potential Candidate to determine whether the candidature is still valid or the data presented in the form are presented in accordance with reality. Candidates' data is automatically deleted after 1 month since specified by candidate date of availability for work (or the date of refreshing of the advertisement) - after this period, offers stay for 1 month in the system, visible only for Administrator in order to be possible to be refreshed by the user. Except for: „Newsletter” (point 11).
    5. Recruitment agency. If the Administrator evaluates the candidacy as interesting in future recruitment, he may store the candidate's data for up to one year for his own recruitment purposes.
  6. Employer Registration
    1. The data left in the registration form are first used to verify their accordance - they can be edited or deleted by the owner at any time. Data of Employers who do not use the website may be stored and processed (for information purposes) up to 365 days from the last login. Except for: „Newsletter” (point 11).
    2. The data specified in job offers are generally available and can be published according to the Employer's preferences.
    3. Employer data in the "List of Employers" tab are visible to all visitors of the website. The first goal is to inform the Candidates who will have an access to their data. The second goal is a kind of promotion for Employers.
  7. Job Offers - the data contained in the advertisements give the possibility of contact between users only for the purposes of the recruitment process. Job offers are automatically deleted after 1 month from the date of posting - after this period, offers stay for 1 month in the system, visible only for Administrator in order to be possible to be refreshed by the user. The author of the advertisement is aware of the possibility of editing and selecting data and that they are visible to all visitors of the website.
  8. Data generated in the service "Application for a new employee" / "List of reported requirement" are visible only to Employers - entities registered on the website. The time of their display depends on the decision of the Employer ordering an Employee. After completing the order, the Employer is obliged to remove it. All information contained in this area can be processed and used only for recruitment purposes (feature under construction).
  9. Chat is a visible place for all website visitors and users are aware of fact that their messages can be shared further (feature under construction).
  10. Advertisements and the data there contained are visible to all website visitors. Their time (and other details) is specified and regulated under a separate agreement between Web Administrator and ordering Customer.
  11. Newsletter – contact details are used only for information purposes regarding to important changes on the website or the willingness to undertake cooperation or contact. The information may also concern: new job offers or application of new job candidates. The data is deleted at the request of the User.


  1. Fees: free and paid services are listed in the next section: "Agreement"
  2. The issues of settlements between Employers ordering an Employee are regulated by their separate agreement. The portal does not contribute financially to this matter. The Recruiter's task is to establish financial issues with "Ordering" - the Employer (feature under construction).
  3. Anyone with any type of equipment with access to the Internet which allows using of web browsers (e.g. smartphone, tablet, computer) can access web portal.)

  1. Parties to the contract
    This contract is concluded between customer using services - company called "Employer", and the service provider: HR Kamer. The contract concerns both paid and free services which are described in bundles available on the hrkamer.nl website in the "Prices" section. There is generated an “order” after selecting a bundle, which together with other subpages became a part of the contract.
  2. Services
    1. Free:
      1. Posting job advertisements
      2. Placement in the "Employer Database"
    2. Paid:
      1. access to the database of jobseekers with their contact details
      2. further promotion of posted job offers on other social networks and mailing lists
      3. placing an advertisement as a banner or film on the home page
      4. production of items of point γ.
        Ad. γ and δ: advertising services can be ordered separately outside the bundles by e-mail
      5. Highlighting of job offers on the home page and in the job offers section
      6. Highlighting of the Employer profile on the home page and in the Employer Database
  3. Payment
    1. The invoice concerns a one-day payment term - in the event of case from 3b point below there is taken under consideration date of transfer sending
    2. HR Kamer may charge legal statutory interest of the amounts which haven’t been paid according payment term included in sent invoice.
    3. Companies that have declared an EU VAT taxpayer status not in accordance with the facts are are fully responsible for law consequences related to it
    4. The Ordering Party (Employer) is obliged to provide all the data for the invoice in accordance with the facts
  4. The contract begins on the day the invoice is paid, (date is place in order), and ends after period specified in the selected bundle. The bundles provide two service periods: one week, one month.
    1. Bundle HR Booster+ includes a discount related to a longer period of the contract
    2. Services outside the bundles are defined on the basis of separate e-mail arrangements
  5. Termination of the contract - the contract cannot be terminated by the service recipient (Employer) before the end of the period of time included in selected bundle, unless the service provider HR Kamer, takes such a decision on the basis of justified circumstances and sends (or accepts) therefore a written denunciation by e-mail.
    1. If the contract is terminated earlier than indicated in the selected bundle (it is not related to the "HR Booster" bundle), HR Kamer reserves the right to add an extra amount for the used period according to the value of the "HR Booster" bundle - in other words, the bundle "HR Booster+" loses the discount described in point 4a.
    2. The HR Kamer service is not responsible for the existing situation on the labor market - a deficit of staff resources is not a condition for terminating the contract
  6. Supplement
    Employer using paid services agrees that HR Kamer may send him e-mails containing information about service improvements, important new functions and other informational messages until such consent is terminated by the ordering party by e-mail.


  1. The website administrator is not responsible for any claims and problems arising from the using of the website.
  2. In connection with the principle of continuous improvement of website services, we are glad to hear any suggestions of solving problems related to any possibilities of website development.
  3. We are not responsible for posted opinions of people regarding to Employers - everyone has the right to express their own thoughts and opinions.
  4. The portal is a tool that connects mainly the Employer with the Candidate (or other Users among themselves) any inconvenience related to it can only be reported as an area for quality improvement. The portal is a tool, not a part in any dispute between users. In case of incompetent behavior of any User of website, everyone who is involved is asked to report it to Web Administrator - in order to improve and increase satisfy of Candidates / Employees and Employers, we cannot afford to make the website available to incompetent or illegal incidents. We are not responsible for, among other:
    1. Candidates applying for work and quitting without any information
    2. Employers incompetent in the field of posting advertisements, work organization and other employment-related processes - however, we will be glad to delete such accounts.
    3. Any disputes between Employers related to the Employee Order Service.
  5. All responsibility related to the employment (recruitment) process within the website lies on the side of the Users. The administrator can accept and consider the problem to be solved, but is not obliged to participate in disputes as a side.


  1. As an Employer, you agree that your job offers can be further promoted on other social networks
  2. We do not transfer your personal data outside the European Economic Area.
  3. You have the right to lodge a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).


Each person has the right to contact by e-mail in any case without any restrictions at the e-mail address: info@hrkamer.nl and the data collected in this way can be used only for the purposes of the contact.

The owner / Administrator of data and website is: Krzysztof Zaremba HR Kamer, Mr L.A. Kesperweg 7d; 3135 BR Vlaardingen (address for correspondence)

The Regulations and the Privacy Policy (GDPR) have been verified by the Law Firm